Memorial Butterfly Releases in Hawaii

Mourning the death of a loved one is never easy. Everyone deals with grief differently, and it can be hard to find comfort during this trying time. Instead of dwelling on the negative, focus instead on the celebration of their life with a memorial butterfly release at the funeral. It’s a stunning experience and the perfect way to end life on a positive note.

Many people look for signs after death. A dime conveniently placed in our path. The lights flickering. A peaceful bird sitting in a tree. A butterfly soaring through the sky. As an enduring symbol of hope, transformation, and resurrection, a memorial butterfly release is a lovely way to celebrate your loved one as they move on to bigger things in a better place. Although sad, death is a necessary and transformative aspect of life. Much like a butterfly flying away from its chrysalis, your loved one isn’t gone—they’re free and always with you.

We all go through countless transformations throughout our lifetime, becoming stronger and wiser along the way. During this last transition, recite a beautiful butterfly memorial poem, make a final wish, and end the service with a sense of peace. Not only are you honoring your loved one, you’re encouraging the cycle of life as you release these magical creatures back into the Hawaiian Islands.

Often associated with hope, having a butterfly release at the funeral brings out the beauty that hides in even the saddest of moments. Pain is inevitable but how you deal with it is completely in your control. Think of the funeral or memorial service as a celebration of your loved one’s life. It isn’t an end but a new beginning. If you’d like to have this experience at your service, contact Sharing the Butterfly Experience at (808) 754-6136.


Shipping available to the neighbor islands.


Pricing is based on a lot of different variants, such as the type of box or basket that will be used, the amount of butterflies, and more. Since there are multiple combo options, please contact us with details about your event and we will work with you to get an affordable price.

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