Butterfly Releases for Parties in Hawaii

Coming up with creative ideas and fun activities for a party can be a daunting task, especially in today’s society where there’s seemingly always something better happening somewhere else. Your event has to be something new, exciting, and entertaining in order to be memorable and have guests saying, “I want that at my party too!” Sharing the Butterfly Experience provides the perfect solution for your next party in Hawaii. Our one-of-a-kind experiences will leave you with wonderful memories for years to come, and the gorgeous pictures you get will be absolutely priceless. Our two different packages include:

Butterfly Release. Having a butterfly release at your party can make the event that much more unique. Perfect for times of transition like a graduation, birthday, or other significant milestone, butterflies represent growth, change, and transformation. Watching them as they fly free into the open Hawaiian Islands air adds that extra something special to any occasion. Let go of the past, and get ready for everything the future has in store.

Butterfly Encounter Tent. If you don’t want to release butterflies at your event, we have another option for you. In our Butterfly Encounter Tent, you’ll be able to feed and experience butterflies up close and personal. You will learn how to raise butterflies and keep the population alive while taking magical pictures with these captivating creatures. People young and old are continually enchanted by this incredible experience.   

Sharing the Butterfly Experience will coordinate all the details and make sure that everything runs according to plan. To ensure that everything is just right, we’re more than happy to discuss the details of your occasion in depth. Contact Sharing the Butterfly Experience at (808) 754-6136 to schedule your Hawaiian butterfly release party today. We can’t wait to bring the magic to your next party!


Shipping available to the neighbor islands.


Pricing is based on a lot of different variants, such as the type of box or basket that will be used, the amount of butterflies, and more. Since there are multiple combo options, please contact us with details about your event and we will work with you to get an affordable price.