Wedding Butterfly

Releases in Hawaii

It seems like we’re always searching for the next best thing to have at our wedding, something dazzling and unique that will blow everyone away. Lucky for you, we provide just the thing. With a butterfly release at your wedding ceremony, you can add that extra special something to the most magical day of your life. Not only is it a beautiful sight to behold, releasing butterflies is both a symbolic and spiritual gesture as well. Perfect for the first day of the rest of your life with another person, it represents change, joy, and new beginnings.

To become a majestic butterfly, a caterpillar must first endure a truly life-changing journey. The life cycle of a caterpillar mirrors the romantic love between you and your partner. An incredible yet challenging transformation, this change is necessary to become something bigger than yourself. Much like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, you and yours will transform into your best selves and sore freely in each other’s love.

When the time comes, read your butterfly release wedding poem, make a wish, and admire the view as they fly free, creating a picture-perfect photograph opportunity that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. There’s no better way to start the rest of your life with that special someone.

Butterflies are a unique alternative to the traditional bubbles, balloons, or confetti that are typically released at most weddings. It’s a dazzling sight to see, and it helps keep the butterfly population alive and well on the islands. If you’re interested in a butterfly release at your wedding ceremony in Hawaii, contact us at (808) 754-6136 to get started. We can’t wait to discuss your event and plan the best experience possible for your big day.


Shipping available to the neighbor islands.


Pricing is based on a lot of different variants, such as the type of box or basket that will be used, the amount of butterflies, and more. Since there are multiple combo options, please contact us with details about your event and we will work with you to get an affordable price.